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Red Rooster’s Menu with Price Australia

Are you looking red Rooster Menu? Serving the tasty, fresh and tender roast chicken in Australia. Available in store, delivered or get catering for next function. This place have amazing catfish. The best I have ever had. Super fresh and clean tasting. Not the muddy tasting fish. The tartar sauce is to die for. The servers was really friendly. This place is a bit pricey but it’s worth it. I also enjoyed the happy hour menu. I had a peach margarita and a strawberry.

Menu ItemPrice
Single Meals
Classic Quarter$10.19
Classic Half$12.99
Classic Tropicana$11.49
Classic Roast$11.89
Rolls & Wraps
Crafted BLT Smash (roll or wrap)$8.99
Crafted BLT Smash (reg. combo)$12.69
Crafted Texas BBQ (roll or wrap)$8.99
Crafted Texas BBQ (reg. combo)$12.69
Crafted Chilli Slaw (roll or wrap)$8.49
Crafted Chilli Slaw (reg. combo)$11.99
Rooster Roll (roll)$6.49
Rooster Roll (reg. combo)$10.29
Rippa Roll (roll)$7.49
Rippa Roll (reg. combo)$11.19
Bacon & Cheese Rippa Roll (roll)$8.19
Bacon & Cheese Rippa Roll (reg. combo)$11.79
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll (roll)$7.69
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll (reg. combo)$11.49
Flayva Wrap (wrap)$7.29
Flayva Wrap (reg. combo)$10.99
Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Wrap (wrap)$8.49
Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Wrap (reg. combo)$11.19
BLT Smash Chicken Wraps (wrap)$8.99
BLT Smash Chicken Wraps (reg. combo)$11.69
Chicken, Cheese, & Bacon (burger)$4.99
Chicken, Cheese, & Bacon (reg. combo)$8.79
Original Crispy (burger)$7.19
Original Crispy (reg. combo)$10.89
Box Meals
Rippa Mega Box (rippa roll, 4 chicken nuggets, crispy strip, pineapple fritter, reg. gravy, sml. chips, 375ml drink)$13.99
Bacon & Cheese Rippa Mega Box (Bacon & Cheese Rippa Roll, 4 Chicken Nuggets, Crispy Strip, Pineapple Fritter, Regular Gravy, Small Chips & 375ml Drink)$14.59
Flayva Wrap Mega Box (Flayva Wrap, 4 Chicken Nuggets, regular Gravy, small Chips & 375ml Drink)$13.99
Legends Mega Box (crispy burger, crispy strip, reg. gravy, sml. chips, 375ml drink)$10.99
Upgrade any of the above to a large combo for $2.50.
Shared Meals
Whole Roast Chicken$12.99
Aussie Favourite (whole chicken, lrg. gravy, lrg. chips, 1.25l drink)$21.99
Chicken & Salad (whole chicken, lrg. garden salad, lrg. crunchy slaw, family chips, 1.25l drink)$26.99
Family Roast (whole chicken, 12 roast veggies, lrg. peas, lrg. gravy, 1.25l drink)$30.99
Mega Feast (12 chicken pieces, lrg. crunchy slaw, lrg. mash & gravy, 4 corn cobs, 2 lrg. chips, 1.25l drink)$38.99
Good Stuff (roast chicken, family chips, lrg. gravy, lrg. crunchy slaw, 8 cheesy nuggets)$30.00
Mates Share Pack (2 rooster rollers, 2 rippa rolls, family chips)$25.00
Crispy Onion Rings$3.10
Gravy (regular)$3.19
Gravy (large)$3.99
Mash & Gravy (regular)$3.49
Mash & Gravy (large)$4.59
Peas (regular)$3.49
Peas (large)$4.49
Garlic Bread$3.59
Roast Veggies (3 pieces)$3.99
Roast Veggies (6 pieces)$6.49
Chips (regular)$3.29
Chips (large)$4.59
Chips (family)$6.29
Loaded Large Chips w/ Chicken & Gravy$5.00
Crunchy Slaw (regular)$3.99
Crunchy Slaw (large)$6.49
Corn (1 cob)$2.39
Corn (4 cob)$6.99
Garden Salad (regular)$2.99
Garden Salad (large)$3.99
Buttermilk Chicken Pops (regular)$5.99
Buttermilk Chicken Pops (large)$9.99
Potato Bites (6 pieces)$2.00
Potato Bites (12 pieces)$4.00
Chicken Nuggets (4 pieces)$3.49
Chicken Nuggets (8 pieces)$5.79
Cheesy Nuggets (4 pieces)$3.49
Cheesy Nuggets (8 pieces)$5.79
Wings (2 pieces)$3.00
Wings (6 pieces)$8.00
Pineapple Fritter$2.29
Crispy Strip$2.19
Red’s Dippas Box (4 wings, 6 cheesy nuggets, 10 potato bites, 2 sauces)$10.95
Kids Meals
One Main (drumstick, cheeseburger, or 3 nuggets)
One Side (reg. peas or sml. chips)
One Drink (250ml water or pop top)
Any combination of the above will be $4.99.
Apple Bites (4 pieces)$2.19
Chocolate Mousse$2.99
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake$2.99
Golden Gaytime$3.29
Magnum Classic$3.99
Hot Drinks

Disclaimer: The above prices should be used as a guide only. We are not affiliated with the Red Rooster brand in any way. If you are looking red rooster menu more click here to : Red Rooster Menu Official

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